A no deal Brexit might mean increase in chocolate prices and might lead the UK running out of the iconic Mars
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The iconic chocolate nougat Mars bar could face extinction in the UK should the country leave the UK without a Brexit deal, secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs Michael Gove has been warned.

Last year, it was revealed that all confectionery imports in the UK, including Mars bars, would drastically increase in price as a consequence of a hard Brexit.

The Independent (UK) writes “the situation could be even more dire than previously thought, with representatives from the food industry telling Mr Gove that a no-deal Brexit may result in the country running out of Mars bars in a matter of weeks.”

The Independent refers to a report on BuzzFeed News, according to which Mr Gove was attending a roundtable meeting with individuals from the Food and Drink Federation when he was informed of the likelihood of the country running out of the popular confectionery.

As they explained to Mr Gove, two of the ingredients that are used to make Mars bars are imported and only take a few days to go off.

Therefore, should food imports be barred from entering the UK via the port of Dover in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Mars will be prevented from making the chocolate bar.

Last month, Tesco revealed that it was planning on stockpiling food due to fears over the effects that a no-deal Brexit could have on its supplies.

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