Health Minister Fearne says that Diabetes sticks will be delivered in all Malta – Parl. Sec Silvio Schembri rebukes PN MPs for abusing parliamentary privilege – L-Orizzont
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L-Orizzont quotes Health Minister Chris Fearne who said that by the end of the year, diabetes sticks will have been delivered in all towns around Malta and Gozo. The minister said this is further proof that the health sector is a priority to the government.

L-Orizzont carries another story from parliament after a heated debate between the two sides. The paper quotes government Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri who told opposition MPs Simon Busuttil and Jason Azzopardi they should be ashamed of himself for using his parliamentary privilege to lie and make allegations against members of the government.

L-Orizzont speaks to the mayor of Gudja who said the Local Council is waiting for a by-law to prohibit cars of non-residents from being parked longer than 24 hours in the area. The newspaper also quotes Faculty of Social Wellbeing Dean Andrew Azzopardi who deems Adrian Delia’s as PN Leader is untenable.


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