Former Prime Minister of Macedonia seeks asylum in Hungary
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Former Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski said on Tuesday he had fled to Hungary and was seeking political asylum there, six months after he was sentenced to two years in prison on corruption-related charges.

The Skopje Court of Appeal has confirmed the two-year prison term for the ex- prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, for abuse in the procurement of the bulletproof Mercedes of 600,000 euros.

According to the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, Gruevski’s crime in the ‘Tenk’ case is obsolete at the end of October, so the verdict is in the legally stipulated deadline.

Macedonian police issued an arrest warrant on Monday for Gruevski, who resigned in 2016 after 10 years in power, after he failed to show up to begin his sentence following a Nov. 9 court ruling against his motion for a reprieve.

On his Facebook page Gruevski wrote that he fled the country after receiving “countless” threats against his life.


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