What are the prospects of a second Brexit referendum? FT
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Jo Johnson’s resignation has raised fresh excitement among pro-Europeans that Britain might end up holding a second Brexit referendum. Until only a few days ago, the consensus at Westminster was that Theresa May would strike a deal with the EU and get it through the Commons. But Mr Johnson’s attack on her strategy has been a significant check on Mrs May’s progress. He is now calling for a referendum that gives people the choice of either supporting the PM’s pact, staying in the EU or moving to a no-deal Brexit.

The Financial Times analyses what are the chances now of his move leading to a second Brexit referendum?

The article by James Blitz argues that there are two reasons why the prospects are rising. First, it looks increasingly possible that Mrs May could lose the Commons vote on her deal, opening a political crisis in which a second referendum could emerge as the outcome.

Secondly, the possibility of a “no deal” denouement is being more firmly rejected across the political spectrum.

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