Aerosmith’s guitarist expected to return to touring later this month after collapsing after concert
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Joe Perry, the longtime guitarist from the band Aerosmith was hospitalized on Saturday night after performing at a Billy Joel concert. He was playing in Madison Square Garden and collapsed in the dressing room after the show. Perry had joined Billy Joel onstage to perform Aerosmith’s hit song from 1975, “Walk This Way”. Perry, who is currently 68 years old, was taken to the hospital for testing.

He was also having trouble breathing at the time of his collapse. He was given oxygen through a tracheal tube and taken out to an ambulance on a stretcher. According to his representatives, he is currently alert and responsive. He expects to return to touring later this month.

This was his second backstage collapse in the last few years. He collapsed after a show in Coney Island in 2016. It was after a show with his other group Hollywood Vampires. He plays in that group with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp.

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