Malta Evening News Roundup
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This is a news roundup from Malta as reported by Malta’s News Portals. covers the Oath of Office ceremony of George Hyzler, appointed Commissioner for Standards in Public Life for a term of five years. Hyzler was nominated for office by the Opposition and approved unanimously by parliament. The new Commissioner said he expected to be left to carry his duty without interference. asked George Hyzler after the ceremony whether he would investigate allegations into the 17 Black case. The Commissioner said that he will not be looking into cases predating the setting up of the Office. put a question to Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne, who attended the swearing in of George Hyzler, and asked him whether Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi should be removed. Fearne said that the new allegations mention an FIAU report which, he said, shows that Maltese authorities are investigating the case. reports that the German authorities have been asked to investigate possible wrongdoing by Siemens in the Electrogas deal after allegations of corruption emerged. The German corporation is a shareholder in Electogas, the director and CEO of which has been exposed as the owner of 17 Black. says that Justice and Culture Minister Owen Bonnici directed the Cleansing Department to clear out the Daphne Caruana Galizia memorial in Great Siege Square. The portal was covering the hearing in the constitutional case filed by Manuel Delia. Director General Ramon Deguara testified that the Minister gave him instructions over the phone. picks up a story by catholic news site Crux which says that Archbishop Charles Scicluna might be elected the next pope. An article by the editor of Crux said that the Synod in October put the Maltese Archbishop, along with Sydney’s Archbishop Anthony Fisher, at the centre although none of whom is cardinal. quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat that technological innovation is an opportunity for small countries like Malta. The Prime Minister is taking part in GovTech, the first European Summit discussing democracy and technology. The summit is being held in France. reports on a traffic accident between two cars in Żejtun this morning. The collision pushed the cars onto the pavement demolishing the porches of two houses in Triq il-President Anton Buttigieg. One of the two drivers, a 31-year-old woman, was driven to hospital by ambulance suffering slight injuries. looks at the weather conditions ahead and says temperatures are expected to drop from 22°C to 18°C and down to 15°C by Saturday. The portal says this week will usher in winter in Malta.

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