Michael Rogers – The Hero Homeless Trolley Man who intervened in Melbourne’s terror attack
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A homeless man who intervened in a terror attack in the Australian city of Melbourne Friday has been hailed a hero, with over $80,000 (AUD 116,000) donated to a fund to thank him.

Shaky cellphone images from the scene showed a man repeatedly shoving a shopping cart, known as a shopping trolley in Australia, at attacker Hassan Khalif Shire Ali who had just stabbed three people and was threatening police officers with a knife.

CNN reports how the social media soon lit up with talk of the brave bystander who had tried to thwart the attack which unfolded within minutes during rush hour on a busy street in the city center.

The man known as “trolley man” was soon identified by local media as Michael Rogers, a homeless man whose phone was destroyed in the incident. A GoFundMe page was soon set up in his honor. “An incredible man named Michael Rogers from Melbourne, now known as ‘Trolleyman’, put his own life at risk to stop a terrorist who was on a rampage. Mr Rogers bravely shoved a shopping trolley at the terrorist in an attempt to assist police in his capture,” said the GoFundMe page set up by the Melbourne Homeless Collective.



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