Morning Headlines (Saturday) – L-Orizzont
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L-Orizzont reports the inauguration of new equipment for the cardiac centre at Mater Dei Hospital, a €1 million project by the IIP fund. Health Minister Chris Fearne said that the public hospital can offer the highest quality service.

Another story in L-Orizzont speaks to WasteServ CEO Tonio Montebello who says that all collected organic waste is being treated. The CEO admitted that some households are still throwing organic waste material into black garbage bags, making it harder to fully implement the treatment system.

L-Orizzont says that a new company will be set up to manage a projected gas pipeline that will serve energy needs after the term of the LNG tanker expires in 2024. An environmental impact assessment on the pipeline is expected to start in December. The newspaper also quotes Prime Minister Joseph Muscat that he does not exclude formal consultations on the General Workers Union proposals for mandatory trade union membership.


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