Politico’s guide on the heroes and villains of Helsink’s EPP summit
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It was hardly Cannes or the Oscars but the stars of European conservatism got their chance to step into the spotlight, congratulate each other and give out prizes this week.

The European People’s Party (EPP) congress was also the moment for the Continent’s center-right A-listers to fire up their supporters for the European Parliament election campaign.

Here is POLITICO’s guide to the heroes and villains of Helsinki.

Palme d’Or — Manfred Weber

Best Actor — Alexander Stubb

Lifetime Achievement — Angela Merkel

Best Villain in a Drama Series — Emmanuel Macron

Best Villain in a Tragicomedy — Nigel Farage and the U.K.

Best Hero in a Tragicomedy — Michel Barnier

Best Director  — EPP President Joseph Daul

Best Spiritual Adviser — Pope Francis

Resurrection Award for Legacy Longevity — Helmut Kohl

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