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From Brexit’s referendum investigations to US President’s increase in dose of words (and threatened action) on immigration ahead of the mid-term elections, the latest about Khashoggi’s death after comments from Saudi’s Prince to the end of the short-lived football career of Usain Bolt are some of the world’s headlines under review.

In Malta newspaper front pages we read about the proposed AI’s legislation and laws to combat alcohol use and drug abuse.

This is your morning briefing.

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The Latest 

EU Brexit negotiators are exploring a compromise on a plan for Northern Ireland that would give the UK stronger guarantees that a customs border would not be needed along the Irish Sea. Financial Times

A probe into Brexit campaign backer Arron Banks has moved beyond electoral law offences, say crime chiefs.Banks, who helped finance the Leave.EU campaign led by MEP Nigel Farage, has already been the subject of an investigation by the Electoral Commission. Euronews

U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed optimism on Thursday about resolving their bitter trade disputes ahead of a high-stakes meeting planned for the two leaders at the end of November in Argentina. Reuters 

President Donald Trump on Thursday warned that soldiers deployed to the Mexican border could shoot Central American migrants who throw stones at them while attempting to cross illegally. France 24 

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told the US he considered murdered writer Jamal Khashoggi to be a dangerous Islamist, media reports say. Prince Mohammed reportedly said this in a phone call with the White House after Khashoggi disappeared but before Saudi Arabia admitted killing him. BBC

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said it may take “a handful more weeks” before Washington has enough evidence to impose sanctions on individuals responsible for the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. France 24

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said on Thursday that prosecutors have decided to drop charges laid against him after he refused to let 150 migrants disembark from a rescue ship docked in Sicily. Corriere

President Donald Trump is considering appointing Heather Nauert, a former Fox News anchor who serves as the State Department’s chief spokeswoman, as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, according to current and former State Department officials. FP

An Australian man has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for encouraging his wife’s suicide, in a case believed to have set a global precedent. Graham Morant, 68, was convicted last month of counselling and aiding his wife, Jennifer Morant, to take her own life in 2014. BBC

Usain Bolt’s dream of becoming a professional soccer player in Australia will remain a dream as the former king of the Olympic sprint has not found an economic agreement with the Central Coast Mariners. Ansa

On November 2, the pope will celebrate Mass at 4 p.m. in Rome’s third largest cemetery, the Laurentino, south of the city. Rome Reports 


The Review 

The Times says that a new national alcohol policy to be launched today will cut drinking limits for divers by almost half and by 75 percent for motorcyclists and new drivers. The current blood alcohol content limit of 0.8 g is the highest in Europe and the policy aims to bring it down to 0.5 g.

The Malta Independent reports on an interview with TV show host Peppi Azzopardi after he was stopped from airing a recorded interview with Liam Debono by magistrate Joseph Mifsud. Liam Debono stands accused of running over Police Constable Simon Schembri and the presenter of Xarabank said he wanted both sides of the story on the programme.

Another story in The Times says that a report by the Auditor General found security services operating at Mount Carmel Hospital lacking. Security staff do not have the required licenses, and neither could they produce any training certificates, the report found. Moreover, the service was not governed by a formal agreement.

The Malta Independent covers a court case of a 34-year-old man accused of raping his partner’s 11-year-old daughter for several years. The prosecution said that the child, now 13, still seeks him out for sex, even after the relationship between him and her mother ended.

L-Orizzont leads with an article about the introduction of security cameras with facial recognition quoting a number of lawyers who argue about the need to strike a balance between security and privacy.

In another story, we read that Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia announced that there will be a school initiative where a campaign to inform children about the risks of drug abuse.

In another story we read on L-Orizzont we read about the announcement of government’s intentions to legislate about AI.

In-Nazzjon also reports on the story and says that the accused was denied bail by the court, which was requested by the defence.

In another report, In-Nazzjon follows a speech in parliament yesterday by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia in which he said the government is only interested in numbers, not people. Delia said that 4,000 businesses shut down last year, but the government was unconcerned since another 12,000 were opened.




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