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A sassy feline took to the runway at a fashion show in Turkey, strutting its stuff on the ‘catwalk,’ playing with a model’s clothes and casually licking itself in front of “shocked” fashionistas sitting in the front row.

Hilarious footage shows the four-legged gatecrasher at the Esmond International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey on Friday. The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times since it was shared on Instagram

It’s unclear where the feline came from, or how it got access to the exclusive event, but as soon it placed its best paw forward on the catwalk it enraptured the audience, calmly cleaning herself before launching attacks on passing models.

The designer behind the show, Goksen Hakki Ali, said nobody knows where the furry intruder came from, or how it gained access to the exclusive event.

DODO / RT / Independent



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