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Twenty people, most of them fans of the CSKA Moscow football team, have been hurt after a crowded escalator at a Rome metro station suddenly sped up, hurling people down the staircase.

One person was seriously hurt in the accident at the city-centre Repubblica station, according to Italian police.

RAI, the state television broadcaster, aired a video of the incident, showing the escalator suddenly accelerating, with people piling up at the bottom. Italian media said some soccer supporters were trapped between the metal plates of the steps.ħ


The station was full of Russian fans at the time as they headed towards Rome’s Olympic Stadium, where CSKA Moscow were due to play AS Roma in the Champions League later on Tuesday.

La Repubblica newspaper’s website said the escalator broke after singing and chanting fans started to jump up and down on it.

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17 Russian supporters of CSKA Moscow, suffered injuries,  8 of which serious, as the escalator of the metro station Repubblica collapsed. One of the persons has lost his leg.

Meanwhile other incidents were reported around the Italian capital which involved Russian citizens. A fan of the CSKA has been stabbed and two bruised in clashes between the fans of Moscow and Rome near the Duca d’Aosta bridge, near the Olympic stadium. Law enforcement also made use of hydrants.

“I just witnessed an apocalypse scene, and one of the mobile stops for the descent, one meter away from me, began to accelerate as fast as it was.” These are the first words of a witness who witnessed the collapse of the escalator in the ‘Repubblica’ metro station in Rome. “I could not see any injured at the top but in the lower part of the ladder someone certainly fell in. There were Army and controllers, they took at least two minutes to understand what was happening, I ask myself: emergency stairs not? they’re just escalators in that stop.You can not go crazy with a 15-meter escalator … what’s going on in this city?”

Roma are expected to play against the Russian team on Tuesday.

This is a developing story based on reports from ANSA, Corriere Della Sera and TgCom.

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