Tuesday Morning Briefing
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Good morning

As expected the headlines for today are dominated by the budget presented yesterday by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna.

This is the what the local press has highlighted from yesterday’s budget.

L-Orizzont says this was the third surplus budget, the fourth one with an increase in pensions, and the seventh with a decrease in taxes. The newspaper says the budget contains progressive measures that solidify the country’s economic success.

L-Orizzont also carries the General Workers Union reaction to the budget which it says shows economic planning that strengthens society. The union described the budget this a positive budget that will leave money in people’s pockets.

The Malta Independent reports on the press conferences given by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. In his message, Joseph Muscat praised the budget for ‘giving but not taking’ and added measures not included in the Finance Minister’s speech in parliament. Adrian Delia called the measures in the budget a series of cosmetic changes that hide the real problems.

In-Nazzjon, too, covers the press conference by the Opposition Leader after the budget speech. Delia said that the government cannot continue to avoid the problems that it itself has created including cheap labour, unaffordable rent and pressure on salaries.

The Times lists some measures from the budget speech by Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, among them: pension to go up by €4.50 weekly; a €300 increase in rebate for private school students; higher rental subsidy; one added day of vacation leave; a rise in children’s allowance.

MaltaToday says that the budget was a repeat performance with no new taxes, duties or fees while there was a new impetus on housing relief, pensions and children’s allowance.

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