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The latest about Satabank, the release of MV Sea Watch, the reactions about the rent reform and social accommodation and workers rights are among the news reported from Malta’s main news portals.

Here is your evening roundup.


Satabank plc has been directed by the Malta Financial Services Authority to refrain, cease and desist from taking further deposits into the accounts of its current customers. On Monday The Times had reported a joint inspection and audit by the MFSA and FIAU found shortcomings in the bank’s anti-money laundering procedures.

Times of Malta / Newsbook 

The Sea Watch vessel has been allowed to leave Malta, nearly four months after the government had blocked NGO vessels from entering or leaving the country. The NGO announced that it had finally been given permission to leave and will resume its rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

The Malta Independent 

A coalition of NGOs has welcomed the rent reform White Paper as “a positive step forward” but warned that government’s proposals “will not solve all the problems associated with the private rental market in Malta.”.

Rent contracts should have a minimum threshold attached to them in terms of their duration, together with incentives for landlords offering leases of a longer duration, NGOs have said. In a press conference on Saturday regarding the White Paper on rent regulation published this week, a coalition of NGOs said they were welcoming the government’s proposals, noting that several of their suggestions on the matter had been taken up.

Shift News – MaltaToday

Before speaking of “robot rights”, the Prime Minister should be speaking about employees’ rights, the Nationalist Party leader said on Saturday. Adrian Delia was making reference to Joseph Muscat’s statement that Malta will turn its focus onto the regulation of artificial intelligence. Gozo remains a priority for the Nationalist party. The PN leader stressed that those aspects which are concerning the Gozitans need to be addressed. Gozitans’ priorities and challenges were discussed during an annual conference organised by MEP Roberta Metsola.

Times of Malta / Net News

A 19-year-old youth was seriously injured in an incident at the Attard Industrial Estate this afternoon at about 2.30pm.Police said that from initial investigations the youth, from The Gambia, was injured when he was struck by falling slabs of marble.


Dozens of people have been reported to have been standing in queues in Paola to collect their organic waste container. The situation has confirmed what Net News was reporting that the country was not prepared as it should have been to start the organic waste separation at homes.


The European Commission is not in a position to verify whether State aid rules have been breached by the government through the transfer of public land to the Seabank db Group at much lower rates than current market prices, the Times of Malta is informed.

Times of Malta 

Air Malta has announced that it is providing special flights for passengers left stranded after the Cypriot airline Cobalt Air cancelled all its flights. The flights are being offered for 50 euro, excluding taxes and other fees, and will operate to Zurich, London, Paris, Dusseldorf, Moscow and Tel Aviv, to and from Malta according to availability.

One / TVM


€921,856 were collected during a special edition of Xarabank in aid of ALS Malta Foundation, headed by Bjorn Formosa.

iNews / Newsbook 



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