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A row rumbled on Friday between the two parties supporting the government, the League and the 5-Star Movement (M5S), over the executive’s fiscal decree linked to the 2019 budget.

League leader, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said he was “starting to get angry”.

“I’ll hear them all but I’m starting to get angry because at that cabinet meeting (Premier Giuseppe) Conte was reading and (M5S leader Luigi) Di Maio was writing”. Salvini said Friday he “didn’t give a damn” about tax amnesties amid the row over the decree, into which the M5S has accused the League of inserting an amnesty.

“The League was born to create jobs and cut taxes, not to let tax dodgers off,” he said, adding that “the M5S should get over it and we’ll restart.” The German-Italian 10-year bond-yield spread’s rise close to 350 because of the row with the M5S is “a problem,” Salvini said. “If the spread arrives at 350 because these people are quarrelling it’s a problem,” he said. “Tomorrow I’m going to Rome, serene, we’ll rewrite and re-read everything, but I repeat that in that cabinet meeting Conte was reading and Di Maio was writing”.


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