Brexit agreement negotiations enters into extra time
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The awaited EU summit ended with no final agreement, but neither a final disagreement. The following presents how the various media outlets have reported the outcome of the summit, the negotiations and the positions of the various stakeholders.

  • At a summit seemingly riddled with landmines, the EU’s leaders tiptoed through. There was no breakthrough on Brexit, but there was also no new blow-up — for now. Politico

  • Theresa May has seen an EU summit pass with no Brexit breakthrough as she was hit by a growing backlash over plans to lengthen the UK’s transition period. Sky

  • The European Union’s two most senior officials have said any UK request for an extension to the Brexit transition period would be considered “positively” and likely be accepted. Commission president Jean Claude Juncker said that a longer transition was “probable” while council president Donald Tusk pointed out that a two-year period had already been accepted in principle by the 27 EU countries. Independent (UK)

  • Theresa May’s gamble to unlock Brexit talks by offering to keep Britain tied to the EU until 2021 has set off a torrent of criticism at Westminster, with MPs from across the Brexit divide lining up to attack the plan. Financial Times 

  • The move helped to create a conciliatory mood at a two-day European summit, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for more flexibility on both sides to engineer a breakthrough on Brexit. Financial Times

  • EU leaders are preparing to back Theresa May in building a “coalition of the reasonable” in the UK parliament, in a desperate bid to avoid a no-deal Brexit. Following what has been described by diplomats as a “call for help” by the prime minister at a crunch summit in Brussels, the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, stressed that the EU had to pursue “all avenues” to find a deal that can get through the Commons.“I think where there is a will there is a way,” she said. The Guardian

  • The EU says it is ready to extend the proposed length of the post-Brexit transition period if the UK wants. The current plan is for a transition period of 21 months to smooth the path from Brexit to the UK and EU’s future permanent relationship. BBC


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