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Khalifa Haftar, has ordered the military prosecutor in east Libya to immediately and urgently reopen the investigation” of the killing of Abdulfattah Younes and two of his comrades: Mohammed Al-Abedi and Nassir Al-Madkour.

Haftar urged the prosecutor to contact all needed local and international parties to demand the handover of the figures wanted in this case to be tried in Libya

The reopening of Yones’s case after seven years comes as a reaction to the appointment of Ali Al-Essawi as a new economy and industry minister at the Presidential Council’s government, since Al-Essawi was a foreign minister at the National Transitional Council and was a suspect of the murder.

Meanwhile, protests took place in Yones’s hometown, Tobruk, after the reopening of the investigation with some residents chanting slogans calling on Haftar to “leave” accusing him of being involved in the killing.

In another development several members of the House of Representatives (HoR) called in a session on Monday for interrogating the commander of the self-styled army Khalifa Haftar, citing deteriorated security in areas under his control, adding that he is the only one who has information about what is happening in southern Libya.

The HoR member Siham Sergiwa called for summoning Haftar to the HoR headquarters, adding that if he rejected to come to interrogation, he would be in an embarrassing position in front of all Libyans and the international community.


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