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A year passed since the brutal murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. A number of newspapers and portal (not just local) carry tributes to the slain journalist and an analysis of the year that was.

Here’s our review.

A year ago the nation was stunned by a mafia-style execution in which the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was blown to pieces. This was followed by a brief moment of unity which saw thousands spontaneously expressing their grief and the Prime Minister, in a statesman-like manner addressing the nation, promising to leave no stone unturned to bring her executioners to justice. It was a moment of civic awakening, which saw the Maltese media unite under the banner of free speech and civil society groups demanding justice and truth.

Yet this moment lasted only briefly.

A year on there has been no single official act to recognise her memory by, for example, naming a public building after her. And a makeshift shrine erected in front of the Great Siege monument has been barricaded under the pretext of a restoration project, after months of squabbles between a loyal crowd who kept her memory alive and people who expressed their resentment by repeatedly removing flowers from the shrine. MaltaToday

The mastermind who commissioned journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination a year ago will never be known without public pressure, her son Andrew Caruana Galizia said in comments to The Shift News. On the anniversary of her death in a car bomb outside her home, her son said the vilification that his mother had faced was “a contributing factor to her murder”. Anyone fighting for justice now puts them “in the same dangerous space she occupied”. “My mother’s high public profile in Malta should have been enough to protect her, but it wasn’t. If the country’s best-known journalist can be wiped out just like that, on an ordinary Monday afternoon, while a large section of our society falls over itself to explain it away, I can’t see how anyone else is safe,” he said.

“Chiunque sia coinvolto…vi dico: anche se riuscirete a sfuggire alla giustizia degli uomini, non riuscirete mai a sfuggire alla giustizia di Dio”, rimbombavano le parole dell’arcivescovo Charles Scicluna, parlando nella Chiesa di Mosta durante le esequie della giornalista uccisa da una autobomba il 16 ottobre 2017. Parole che, a distanza di un anno, risuonano come una profezia. Per l’assassinio della giornalista investigativa ci sono i presunti colpevoli materiali, ma resta il mistero sui committenti Rai News

Tourist routes, the justice system and Maltese history intersect where activists set up a memorial to push for answers in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. One year on, authorities have tried to remove it from sight. DW

Ms Caruana Galizia is bigger today than she was a year ago, something her killer and the mastermind could never have imagined. The hunt for the mastermind is still on and should not stop. Murder is always unforgiveable, even more of a mother, a wife, a daughter and, above all, a fearless journalist who paid the ultimate price.  It is useless for the Labour government, for whom she had no love, to expect all this to go away. It cannot. It is useless for Justice Minister Owen Bonnici to play around the makeshift memorial to Ms Caruana Galizia in Valletta, which has been dismantled numerous times and replaced assiduously by people who will never let go. Dr Bonnici, and his government, are out of orbit on this murder. And contributing to that Labour delusion is the PN itself, which, while sympathetic to the cause, keeps more than a step back, at its own expense. The people that maintained the makeshift monument to Ms Caruana Galizia do so alone. The PN is alienated. The Times of Malta 

The Commission stands firm on the protection of free speech and free media. Democracy cannot survive if journalists are no longer able to report freely, if they are subject to censorship, if they are prevented from reporting criticism of the powers that be and especially if they are intimidated, harassed, threatened and sometimes even killed just for doing their job. Theirs is a job democracy relies and depends upon. In this vein we must also consider whistleblowers, often sources of investigative journalism, who need protection as well. They rely on us to provide for their safety, we cannot let them down. We don’t want these murders to have a chilling effect on free media. Citizens should be able to form their own opinions based on unhampered investigation and independent reporting. Commissioner Frans Timmermans 

Besides writing her blogs and her articles, and monitoring all the comments she received, she kept up an interminable conversation with the most diverse of people. These are kept by those who received them and revered as other people might reverse relics of saints and martyrs. While her blogs and her articles are public, these conversations remain private and reserved.Besides being a colleague and a long-standing friend, Daphne was also a wife to her husband, a mother to her children and a beacon to those around her. She loved nature, lived among nature and her destiny was to die in the natural environment she lived in. The Malta Independent 

Lamenting the lack of coverage of the fallout from Caruana Galizia’s murder in state media and the climate for journalists in an opinion piece for the Times of Malta this week, fellow Maltese blogger Manuel Delia recounted receiving threats and accusations of treachery for talking about Caruana Galizia’s assassination to foreign media. “All this would be metaphorical if we did not now live in a country that is different from the country we lived in a year ago. A year ago we lived in a country where a journalist was unbearably harassed. Now we live in a country where a journalist has been killed,” he wrote. The Independent UK

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