Any major offensive in Idlib would cause new refugee crisis from Turkey to Europe

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Turkey’s presidential spokesperson has said a major offensive targeting Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib could cause a new refugee crisis from Turkey to Europe.”Everyone’s common point is that the solution must be political rather than military,” Ibrahim Kalin said in the capital Ankara, after a preparatory meeting with representatives of France, Germany and Russia in advance of an upcoming four-party summit on Syria. Kalin said that there is a general consensus that the consequences of a full-scale military attack on Idlib will cause humanitarian crises and a new wave of refugees.

“Of course, a new wave of migration would not only put a burden on Turkey. It could cause a new chain of crises from here to Europe. Therefore, nobody wants this,” he stressed.

The bombing of Idlib will be “unacceptable,” the presidential spokesperson said.

“Our expectation here from the international community and the leaders is that they give more open and clear support to Turkey,” he added.


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