Another group of migrants stranded after being saved by SeaWatch

epa07447826 Italian patrol boats, from the Guardia di Finanza and the harbor master's office, block the 'Mare Ionio' vessel (R) of the Italian migrant-rescue NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans, out from the Lampedusa harbour, Italy, 19 March 2019. A NGO-run ship flying the Italian flag, the Mare Ionio, was stationary close to the island of Lampedusa on 19 March 2019 after rescuing 49 asylum seekers in waters off the coast of Libya the previous day. EPA-EFE/ELIO DESIDERIO

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German migrant rescue NGO SeaWatch on Wednesday rescued 65 migrants off Libya but currently has not been given permission to dock anywhere.

SeaWatch said Libya, Malta, Italy and the Netherlands “have been informed, with no response”.

SeaWatch said the rescue took place 60 kilometres, from the Libyan coast.

The struggling migrant boat was spotted by a civil reconnaissance plane, it said.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and    Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has sealed off Italy’s ports to migrant NGO rescue ships and warned SeaWatch not to try to enter Italy

He said the German NGO ship, flying a Dutch flag, had been warned not to approach Italian territorial waters.


Via SeaWatch /ANSA

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