Amber Rudd says that Juncker ‘grotesque’ behaviour towards May and women should be subject to an official complaint

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Jean-Claude Juncker is “ghastly” and his “grotesque” behaviour should have been subject to an official complaint, Amber Rudd has claimed.

Citing the EU Commission president’s “terrible” conduct at last week’s EU summit, when he appeared to manhandle the Prime Minister and ruffled a woman’s hair, the Work and Pensions Secretary criticised his treatment of Theresa May, saying: “(He’s) ghastly. What I minded before that were those pictures of the way he was holding the Prime Minister. I did not like that.”

Referring to the hair incident, the former Home Secretary added: “It’s grotesque. I mean, if that happened in our parliament I hope there would be a formal complaint. When I used to go to the EU for meetings, I often had a terrible cold to insist that I didn’t get enveloped in a bear hug. All the EU commissioners love doing their big hugs.”

In a wide-reaching interview with The Telegraph, Ms Rudd, 55, a former minister for Women and Equalities, also hit out at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for calling Mrs May a “stupid woman” and described John Bercow’s handling of the matter as “partisan”, saying the Speaker “is increasingly looking like a man who has some questions to answer about some of the comments he’s made to some of my colleagues.”


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