Alitalia flight blocked in the Mauritius due to coronavirus fears


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Passengers on an Alitalia flight from Rome were stopped from disembarking at the airport of Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.

The measure was taken due to the alarming rate of the spread coronavirus in Italy.

Authorities in the Mauritius said that the passengers will be allowed to disembark  if they accept a quarantine period, to be done in two hospitals in the capital. The alternative is to return to Italy immediately, without disembarking, and on board the same plane with which they arrived.

After an initial examination, the local authorities decided to leave only about seventy passengers from Lombardy and Veneto on board the plane with everyone else allowed to disembark, with no quarantine requirement.

Italy’s foreign ministry is reportedly in talks with Mauritius authorities to resolve the situation and allow the remaining passengers from Lombardy and Veneto to disembark.

Read more via Corriere della Sera

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