Al Bano to be removed from Ukraine blacklist

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Italian singer-songwriter Al Bano is to be removed from Ukraine’s blacklist for those who have allegedly supported Russia’s illegitimate claim to Crimea, his lawyer has announced.
“It’s,” His  lawyer, Cristiano Magaletti, said that it has all been cleared up with the new government in Kiev and he is going to be removed from the blacklist.

Kiev had challenged some of Al Bano’s statements about Crimea belonging to Russia.
“I have never gone into the affair, being a singer and not a politician,” Al Bano had said.
“I hope they invite me and welcome me to the Ukraine for a great concert of peace and music”.
He said he had “taken note of UN, EU and NATO documents, “as well as the position of my own government”, on Crimea belonging to the Ukraine. Russia occupied and annexed the Black Sea peninsula in February 2014.



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