Air traffic at Mitiga Airport in Libya to remain suspended

epa02669675 A Libyan rebel fighter checks his machine gun near the city of Brega, Libya, on 04 April 2011. According to media sources, the fighting continued between the rebels and government forces for control of Brega. Forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi controlled the western part of the city, while their opponents held the eastern part. Opposition fighters in Libya have been trying over the past few days to recapture key coastal cities in the east, but continue to face difficulties due to their lack of training and equipment. EPA/VASSIL DONEV

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The management of Mitiga Airport has confirmed that air traffic will remain suspended until further notice.

“The air traffic will only be resumed by a letter from the Civil Aviation Authority, after consultation with the relevant authorities,” the management explained in a statement, denying setting any specific date regarding this matter.

The Civil Aviation Authority announced a few days ago the suspension of air traffic at Mitiga International Airport, following the repeated bombing of the airport by Haftar’s forces, confirming that all flights will be rescheduled to operate from Misrata Airport.

Via Libyan Observer

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