Agreement on key issues for government formation in Italy

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Governo: Di Maio lascia Montecitorio
Il capo politico del M5S Luigi Di Maio lascia Montecitorio, Roma, 10 maggio 2018. ANSA/GIUSEPPE LAMI

5-Star Movement (M5S) leader Luigi Di Maio said that a fresh meeting with League chief Matteo Salvini on the formation of a new government went well on Friday. “We are finding other areas of agreement, the meeting was positive,” Di Maio said. “We are making notable steps forward with the government programme, we are finding broad agreement on a basic income, flat tax, (scrapping) the (2011) Fornero (pension) law, the issue of fighting the business of immigration, and on conflict of interest”.

Di Maio and Salvini are reportedly seeking to identify a “third premier” – a figure that is not one of the two – who could head the executive.

But the M5S head said that “we didn’t talk about the name of the premier” on Friday.

“Let’s hope we get a deal as soon as possible, because if we don’t we’ll go back to the polls,” he added.

If the deal is reached, the president could give a mandate to form a government on Monday and the new cabinet could be sworn in by the end of next week. “There will be less than 20 (ministers),” said Vincenzo Spadafora, who has been put in charge of handling institutional relations by the M5S.

Source Ansa

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