After the controversy… the mockery

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The Hungarian Government’s billboard campaign continues to be a center of attention. After the controversy, they are now the target of mockery

Some Hungarians have begun mocking their government on social media after noticing that billboards promoting Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s new pro-family policies used the same stock photo couple made famous by the well-known “distracted boyfriend” meme.

The couple seen in the billboards promoting the government policy are the same pair featured in a meme used to make jokes about infidelity and indecision.

Orban in February announced what he calls the Family Protection Action Plan to encourage native-born Hungarians to have more children, including tax incentives and preferential loans.

But people in the capital, Budapest, were quick to notice that the couple promoting the policy in city’s billboards — the same pair featured in a number of low-cost stock photos — were the infamous stars of a meme used to make jokes about infidelity and indecision.

Prior to the above billboards, other billboards were attracting controversy. They featured European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, alongside billionaire philanthropist George Soros with text accusing both of backing illegal immigration. Mr Soros has frequently been targeted in Hungary with conspiracy theories and anti-immigration rhetoric.


Via Deutsche Welle and BBC

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