A sequel for Gladiator?
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Gladiator leaves no questions unanswered, no plot lines unresolved – how could there be a sequel?

BBC reports that if ever there was a film that didn’t cry out for a sequel, it’s Gladiator. In 2001, it won five Oscars, including best picture and best actor, and it took $457m (£355m) at the box office, so you can’t blame its director and star for wanting another taste of that astounding success. But Gladiator leaves no questions unanswered, no plot lines unresolved, no logical way for its striking story to continue. How could Scott and Crowe make Gladiator 2? Only by thinking outside the box – several miles outside the box.

Scott’s plan was to commission John Logan, one of the screenwriters of Gladiator, to write a sequel which would be set in ancient Rome, but which wouldn’t feature either Crowe or gladiators. So… not really a sequel at all, then. Understandably, Crowe was keener on a film that he could actually be in, and so he hired another screenwriter, Nick Cave. Yes, the theatrical singer-songwriter.

As a matter of fact, there might be no sequel to Gladiator although the whole story and script seems done.

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