A mysterious illness in the US could be linked to coronavirus in children

A young child rides her bicycle in an empty courtyard on Manhattan's west side in New York, New York, USA. New York City remains the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the USA. EPA-EFE/Peter Foley

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A mysterious illness that is affecting children and could be linked to the coronavirus has left officials alarmed and searching for answers as infections increase.

Doctors are referring to the condition that has hospitalized dozens of children as “paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome,” and health officials believe it could be linked to coronavirus. Three children have died because of it in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

New York is investigating if the cases contradict the belief that children are less at risk for coronavirus and what other hospitals should look out for, Cuomo said.

Paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome does not show the hallmarks of coronavirus in the children who have been diagnosed, Cuomo said. It presents symptoms like Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome. Kawasaki disease causes inflammation in the walls of the arteries and can limit blood flow to the heart. It produces a high temperature lasting over five days, a rash, swollen neck glands, cracked lips, swelling of hands and feet, and redness in both eyes.

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