50 persons, including 12 children saved by “Mediterranean Saving Humans” – Heading towards Italy – Italian Government ready to block access to Italian waters

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The Mediterranean Saving Human’s NGO ship ‘IONIAN’ intervened in Libyan waters to rescue 50 persons, including 12 minors, who were on board a damaged dinghy. 

“We are heading north to avoid bad weather, we head towards Italy where we will ask for the safe harbor to disembark these escaped people from Libyan concentration camps”, explained Luca Casarini of the NGO. 

TGCOM reports that the Interior Ministry is ready to close territorial waters.

Casarini was reported saying that the conditions of those rescued were generally good. 

“Most of them are dehydrated and suffer from the sea, but from a first examination by the ship’s doctor it seems that their conditions do not give rise to particular concerns”. 

Meanwhile, the interior Ministry said that it will be issuing a directive which will definitively stop the illegal actions of NGOs. 

The directive, the Ministry said, will reiterate the procedures regards rescues at sea. 

The directive should inhibit access to Italian waters to all humanitarian ships that help migrants by not following established procedures.

The interior ministry said that while the priority remains the protection of lives, what followed afterwards “had to be done under the coordination of the territorially competent national authority, according to the international rules of search and rescue at sea”. 

Any different behavior, “can be read as a premeditated action to transport illegal immigrants into Italy and encourage human trafficking”.

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