Merkel & Sanchez discuss fair distribution of migrants across the EU

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DW reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel advocated a “fair distribution” of migrants across the EU. She also spoke out against racism during a press conference in Spain after a working lunch on Saturday with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Both advocated a “fair distribution” of migrants — an approach they intend to promote at next month’s EU summit in Austria.

Merkel said “It is good to know that the German and Spanish governments have the same approach: as Europeans, we are only strong when we work together to resolve the issues of the future.”

Merkel - Sanchez.png

Last Monday, Spain became the first EU country to sign an agreement with Germany for the return of asylum seekers if they had lodged an asylum claim in another EU state. Merkel thanked Spain for the agreement which, she said, would bring better order to migration.


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