The Inquiry about the ties between Russia and President Trump’s campaign to include woman who ran upscale escort service

A woman who once ran an upscale New York City escort service will appear on Friday before a federal grand jury that is hearing evidence in the wide-ranging inquiry into ties between Russia and President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, according to a person familiar with the matter.… Be Informed

William Hague hopes for French help for a credible Brexit deal

William Hague (former foreign secretary and a former leader of the Conservative Party) writes on The Telegraph that last week has seen the most concerted British diplomatic push with our French neighbours in many years. Days after the new Foreign Secretary raced straight to Paris from his trip to China, the Prime Minister cut short her holiday to visit President Macron at his summer retreat.… Be Informed

Germany to increase powers to block foreign investments

The Financial Times reports that Germany is to increase its powers to block foreign investments by significantly lowering the threshold for deals that can be subject to ministerial veto.

The newspaper refers to this as being a further sign of “growing protectionist sentiment towards Chinese acquisitions.”

Berlin can veto deals that involve the purchase of at least 25 per cent of the equity of a German company by an entity from outside the EU, and only if they endanger public order or national security.… Be Informed

105 dead, 236 injured and 20,000 displaced – The balance of Lombok’s earthquake

CNN reports that the death toll after the earthquake that rocked the Indonesian Island of Lombok over the weekend has reached 105.

“Another 236 people have been injured in the quake, according to the government’s disaster management spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, who told the Antara News Agency that the casualty numbers could rise as the search continued for survivors.”

More than 20,000 people have been displaced since the 6.9-magnitude quake struck Lombok, a popular tourist destination, on Sunday night.… Be Informed

Dignity takes centre-stage in Italy’s political day

Premier Giuseppe Conte said Tuesday that his government is determined to boost measures to stop the exploitation of migrant workers after 16 farm labourers died in two separate road accidents in Puglia in recent days.

“The compass of this government is set towards guaranteeing dignity of life and dignity of work – including in the approach that we have towards immigration,” Conte said on Facebook.… Be Informed

After wildfires in Greece, relatives demand answers as fingers point towards lack of communications between fire fighters and police

Euronews reports that two weeks after a deadly wildfire in Greece claimed at least 90 lives, relatives of the victims are demanding answers from the authorities about why a new evacuation plan was not implemented. The minister responsible for the police and fire services resigned on Friday and the heads of both branches have since been replaced.… Be Informed

Trump urged to stop tweeting about meeting with Russians at Trump Tower

President Donald Trump has been urged to stop tweeting about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump’s top advisers and several Russians, a source familiar with discussions tells CNN.

The President was advised that his tweeting only gives oxygen to the topic, even if those around Trump do not believe there is any truly new development.… Be Informed

The Bologna Explosion – The Day After

ANSA: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte visited the Bufalini hospital where he met two of the people who suffered from extensive burns after the explosion in Bologna.

The President of the Council has spent a quarter of an hour in the large burns department of the Romagnola facility, where since yesterday a thirty-one-year-old policeman from the province of Lecce and a young 17-year-old Bulgarian remained involved in the explosion. … Be Informed

Tuesday Morning Briefing

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Your Tuesday Morning Briefing covers the main headlines of the news.


BolognaThe main story remains the powerful explosion which took place in Bologna on Monday afternoon. 2 people died and 67 were injured after the deadly explosion. A number of cars were involved in this incident which also caused the collapse of the road where it happened.

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