Malta News Evening Roundup – Monday 6th August 2018

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Good evening,

These are the main news as reported on Malta’s news portals.

This year’s budget will be focusing on quality. One News reports about the meeting the Finance Minister had with the MCESD where this year’s budget was discussed. The report quotes Minister Scicluna speaking about the rate of inflation which is less than 2% and also about the issues related the importance of continuity and as such this year’s budget will be building on what has been achieved and delivered so far.

TVM reports that after investigations carried by the social workers, it transpired that the alleged case where a boy was being taken away on a beach, is not true. Investigations were carried with the boy being interviewed without pressures from his mother and his version of facts was completely different.

The Malta Independent reports that a 78-year-old resident at St Vincent de Paul home for the elderly was taken to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment following an altercation with a carer, which resulted in grievous injuries. Sources told The Malta Independent that the argument took place in the Fatima Ward, with a carer employed at the residence hitting the elderly man after having an argument with him.

Maltatoday writes that Archbishop Charles Scicluna will be meeting with the family of Ella Agius at their private residence to ensure a comfortable setting for the young child, who was denied Holy Communion certification.

The Times reports that aircraft maintenance company SR Technics is to expand its Malta operation and has reached an agreement with the government to build a €35 million six-bay hangar at the Aviation Park in Safi. TVM said that while speaking this morning at Castille, the Chief Executive of SR Technics said that with this new expansion by the company, it would be employing 50 more employees by the end of next year, bringing the total number of employees to more than 500.

Net News reports that Carmel Bonnici, 68 from Birzebbugia, was arraigned in court and charged for the incidents which took place during the feast of St. Peter in Birzebbugia on Sunday morning. He admitted to the accusations and expressed his sorrow for what happened. He was given a suspended sentence and ordered not to talk to who he attacked.

Newsbook reports that Archbishop Charles Scicluna has appointed Anthony Gatt as the new Director of Caritas Malta. In a statement, the Maltese Archdiocese said that Gatt will continue working so that “the Church, through Caritas, strengthens its free services which are offered to drug, usury and poverty victims”. In the meantime ex-Caritas Director Leonid McKay is to be appointed as CEO of the Housing Authority. In a statement, Parliamentary Secretary for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes said that McKay’s appointment was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors.

The Shift News reports that police investigations in southern Italy have exposed a smuggling route for birds poached in Italy and sold in Malta, highlighting concerns that if the Maltese government decides to open another trapping season it would provide a market for poachers.

Lovin’ Malta reports that singer Emma Muscat, has recently added a new honour to her already impressive track record. Her music video is also listed as the 41st trending video on YouTube.

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