2 die and 67 injured as a truck carrying flammable fluids exploded in Bologna, Italy. Bridge collapses and cars in nearby dealership explode UPDATED

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UPDATED: 1700 (Local Time) According to TGCOM at least 2 people died and 67 were injured after the deadly explosion that happened in Bologna earlier today. ANSA confirmed the two deaths and mentions 55 as injured.

Corriere della Sera / Tgcom / Ansa – A violent fire, followed by several explosions, would have been caused by a road accident in the bypass, between a truck carrying flammable substances and some cars.

The fire was developed just before 14.00 in Borgo Panigale, on the outskirts of Bologna.

Several cars from some nearby dealerships caught fire and exploded.

20 people so far has been injured.



The Casalecchio motorway junction has been closed in both directions.

The highway bridge, of the Casalecchio A1-A14 junction, which overlooks the Via Emilia in Borgo Panigale, has partially collapsed. Firefighters are checking the bridge from above. Over the bridge there are still flames and there is a fire brigade helicopter that is trying to tame them.


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