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The Maltese portals lead with the follow up on the murder of Shannon Mak. Today, a  22 year-old Dutch national Jelle Rijmpa was charged with the murder of Dutch woman Shannon Mak.

The Malta Independentsays that “wearing a white shirt and jeans the accused pleaded not guilty and requested bail, on the basis that he has a permanent residence in Malta, is a European national and has a fixed job.” Malta Today adds that the defence also argued that the accused had many ties to Malta, including his job in the igaming sector.

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Kosovo’s President insists there are no plans for partition of country

Balkan Insight reports that Kosovo President Hashim Thaci moved to dampen down speculation about an ethnic partition of the country, saying he was working only on the eventual inclusion of ethnic Albanian parts of Serbia into Kosovo.

“There will be no partition, autonomy or swapping of territories, I am just working on Presheva/Presevo, Medvegja/Medvedja and Bujanoc/Bujanovac [in Serbia] joining Kosovo,” Thaci stated.… Be Informed

Tunisians protest against societal reforms proposed by Presidential commission including equal inheritance and decriminalisation of homosexuality

Africa News quotes AFP in reporting that more than one thousand people demonstrated in eastern Tunisia on Friday, to protest against societal reforms recently proposed by a presidential commission.

Protesters gathered in the center of Sfax at the call of religious associations and representatives of civil society.… Be Informed

The Netherlands set to become 21st EU member State to join European Public Prosecutor’s Office

New Europe reports that the Netherlands is set to become the 21st EU Member State to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) after the European Commission confirmed that Amsterdam plans to take part in the EPPO.

The European Commission hopes the Netherlands’ participation in the EPPO will play a key role in its fight against white-collar crime, including fraud, corruption, and money laundering.… Be Informed

Work resumes at Tripoli cargo port

The Libyan Observer reports that work has resumed in Tripoli Port after the arrival of the Grimaldi’s ship “GRANDE SICILIA” this week. It was coming from Belgium, carrying 1457 vehicles on board.

The ship was received by the Minister of Interior, Brigadier Abdul Salam Ashour, Finance Minister, Osama Hammad, and head of the Customs Department, Brigadier Tariq al-Faqih, in addition to a number of port officials.… Be Informed

Chilean Catholic bishops apologise for failing victims of sexual abuse, will work with prosecutors.

AFP reports that Chilean Catholic bishops apologised on Friday for having “failed” victims of sexual abuse and promised to work with prosecutors to prevent a repeat of the crimes dating back five decades.

“We failed in our duty as pastors by not listening to, believing, caring for or accompanying the victims of terrible sins and injustices committed by priests and religious lay people,” the Church said in a statement at the end of five days of meetings by Chile’s Episcopal Conference.

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Damning UN report on North Korea

North Korea has resorted to a “massive increase” of illegal ship-to-ship transfers of oil products at sea to evade UN sanctions and enlisted a Syrian arms broker to sell weapons to Yemen and Libya, a UN report said Friday.

France 24 reports that a 62-page report sent to the Security Council, the UN panel of experts also listed violations of a ban on North Korean exports of coal, iron, seafood and other products that generate millions of dollars in revenue to Kim Jong Un’s regime.… Be Informed

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As expected the death of Shannon Mak is the lead story on Malta’s Newspapers. Various happenings take different priorities around the world. As we go through 40 major international and local news portals, your Morning Briefing provides you with the salient news as reported in Malta, Europe and the World.… Be Informed