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“The landing of the migrants who are on board the ship Eighteen is about to start”  the premier Giuseppe Conte announces this after a day of stalemate.

“The procedures for identifying the persons on board were completed – explains Conte – with particular regard to those to which the conduct that constitute hypotheses of offence would be attributable. In the next days the investigations will continue, by the State Police, with the assumption of testimonial information of all the people who have been transported”

“The results of further investigations will be forwarded to the competent prosecutor”, concludes Conte.

The situation was unblocked following the intervention of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who contacted Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and  made it known that he closely followed the story.

This interes, however, was not appreciated by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini. Sources of the Interior Ministry express “surprise” for the phone call of the President of the Republic to Prime Minister Conte.

The same sources expressed “regret” for the decision of the Prosecutor of Trapani not to issue any restrictive measures against the two immigrants who threatened the mutiny: they are two refugees, Ibrahim Bushara, Sudanese, and Hamid Ibrahim, from Ghana, who were investigated  by authorities for their actions.