“Dattilo, the Italian Coast Guard ship that guides our convoy, has decided to change course », Sos Mediterranee communicated in a tweet, underlining that this is a decision made due to bad weather.

“Aquarius – in fact adds the NGO – will continue along the east coast of Sardinia to protect itself from bad weather otherwise unbearable for people on board, exhausted, shocked and seasick.”

Due to the sea conditions the Aquarius could change its route to Valencia. The initial route to the Spanish port of Valencia provided for a passage to the south of the island but now, considering that the peak of the perturbation is expected in the next hours on the western side of Sardinia, we want to use the island as a “barrier” to bad weather and cut the Bocche di Bonifacio to reach Spain.

All the migrants were transferred inside the boat. Several of them have experienced malfunctions during the night for the “wind at 35 knots and waves of 3 meters – they communicate rescuers -, we put handrails because it is difficult to stand up”.