Middle East Eye: The Jordanian king and government came under further pressure on Tuesday as a prominent opposition politician said the country’s role in the region had been downgraded by Israel and the US from the rank of brigadier general to lieutenant.

In an interview with the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, Laith Shubeilat said that “Jordan was an Israeli ally with a brigadier general rank, but now it has been downgraded to lieutenant and Saudi Arabia rose to be the general.”

Jordan has witnessed days of street protests and public calls for the overthrow of its government in response to rising prices and planned economic reforms, including an income tax hike.

Despite replacing the prime minister, ditching several of the most unpopular economic measures and a $2.5bn aid package promised by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, discontent still rumbles on in the desert kingdom.

Shubeilat said that Jordan can get out of its critical economic situation by allying with Iran and Turkey.

“The king should have a conscience and gather the people around him. We will starve and be punished, but we are a tough number and our geopolitical position is critical, and they [Gulf countries] should make better deals with us,” Shubeilat said.