Jeremy Corbyn facing Brexit rebellion as 6 junior frontbenchers resign

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Jeremy Corbyn has suffered his biggest Brexit rebellion in the Commons as nearly 90 backbenchers defied his orders and five junior frontbenchers resigned from their roles.

Junior Labour frontbenchers Laura Smith, Ged Killen, Ellie Reeves, Tonia Antoniazzi and Anna McMorrin were the first to step down from their roles on Wednesday night.

Their resignations were revealed moments before the result of a vote on a Lords Brexit bill amendment which called for the government to make remaining in the EEA a negotiating objective.

The government said before the vote it disagreed with the amendment and the Labour frontbench was expected to abstain.

The House of Commons voted 327 to 126 to reject the proposed amendment, with 74 Labour MPs rebelling against the Party whip to abstain.

Rosie Duffield then became the sixth Labour MP to quit her role.

It follows the Labour leader’s decision to instruct his MPs to abstain on a Lords amendment to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that would have kept Britain in the European Economic Area (EEA) after Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

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