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The Italian President Sergio Mattarella, has called for Giuseppe Conte, the person indicated by both M5S and Lega as the next Prime Minister for a meeting. The meeting is expected to take place today at 1730.  According to sources close to the Italian President’s office, the leader of the M5S Luigi Di Maio and the Lega Matteo Salvini, were requested by the President of the Republic, to confirm the proposal to confer the mandate for the formation of the government to Professor Conte.

The M5s leader, Luigi Di Maio was reported saying “Today the third Republic begins, I told you, I promised it”. Di Maio commented on the proposed meeting of Giuseppe Conte with the President, “Obviously the president decides but if he has been summoned …”, he added that the next Italian Government  will be the most political government of all. Giuseppe Conte, if he is to be appointed, will be the most political President of the Council we have ever had”.