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US President Donald Trump said that the US and North Korean officials are continuing to prepare for a scheduled diplomatic summit next month, even as Pyongyang threatened in recent days to pull out of what would be a historic first meeting between a North Korean leader and US president.

President Donald Trump has said the US is not pursuing the “Libya model” for the denuclearisation of North Korea. Mr Trump said Kim Jong-un would stay in power if he made a deal. However he hinted that he could be deposed if he refused.

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi agreed to give up nuclear weapons in 2003. He was later killed by Western-backed rebels. Most analysts say North Korea was angered by the prospect of a Libya scenario precisely because of what happened to Gaddafi. The comparison was made by Mr Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton.

CNN reports that Trump noted that North Korea’s harsher tone this week came after Kim met for the second time with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and suggested the Chinese leader could be “influencing” Kim to harden his stance. He added that with deals … you have to have two parties that want to do it,” Trump said. Kim “absolutely wanted to do it. Perhaps he (Xi Jinping) doesn’t want to do it.”