The clash of the Donalds – With friends like this, who needs enemies? Donald Tusk on Donald Trump

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tusk.jpg“Looking at the latest decisions of Trump, someone could even think: With friends like that, who needs enemies?” Donald Tusk, President of the European Council didn’t leave much to anyone’s imagination to express his indignation for Trump’s latest doings.

Tusk slammed U.S. President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Iran nuclear accord and threatening the EU with tariffs on steel and aluminum in by far the harshest rebuke yet by Brussels of the unpredictable American leader.

He reiterated the position of France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the three European powers that helped broker the Iran nuclear agreement and said that the EU would remain committed to the deal as long as Tehran fulfils its obligations. Tusk added that that the EU would work to develop ways to shield European companies that continue to do business with Iran from any sanctions or other penalties imposed by Washington.

“I want the European Commission to be given a green light, so it is ready to act when European interests are affected,” he added.

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