salvini di maio

After hours of negotiations and discussions on the formation of the new government in Italy, M5s and La Lega has found enough ground to sign an agreement on a plan of action which will be the work plan for the new Italian government.

So far, the agreement has been reached, inter alia, on euro (no exit or referendum, the single currency line will be decided from time to time with European partners), citizenship income, flat tax, drastic cut of the costs of politics with an associated reduction in the number of parliamentarians and the obligation of vaccines. The line on the EU remains to be defined, a decisive point, in particular for the Lega, however Italy won’t exit from the Euro.

The full contract can be read here. 

The final hurdle seems to be the decision on who will be Italy’s next Prime Minister. There wasn’t any agreement or decision on the name who will lead Italy in the next phase of its volatile political journey.

Source Ansa, TGCOM