10-mark-zuckerberg-1.w710.h473In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook deactivated about 583 million fake profiles and 837 million spam content. Still in the same period, 1.9 million of content related to the ISIS terrorist propaganda and affiliated groups were removed from the social network of Mark Zuckerberg .

This data was made public as first Report on the application of the Community Standards was released.

The contents linked to terrorism have increased by 73% compared to the last quarter of 2017. The growth is due, explains the platform, “to the improvement of technology in finding content that violates our standards even in the photos and in those related to the past” .

“We have removed or labeled potentially three and a half million violent content in the first three months of 2018, 86% of which were identified by our technology before they were reported.” We also removed two and a half million content that incited ‘hate , 38% of which were detected directly by our technology, “explained Alex Schultz, vice president of Facebook Analytics.

“For sensitive issues such as explicit violence and incitement to hatred – he added – our technology still can not function effectively and we need the intervention of our audit teams”. Schultz then stressed that the most important parameter that is taken into account when compiling this report is the impact of any serious content on the network. “We measure both the frequency with which it is seen and the impact on individuals or on a wider community”.