Malta Newspapers Review – Wednesday 16th May 2018

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The lead story of MaltaToday, The Times, L-Oriżżont and In-Nazzjon deals with the case which saw the traffic policeman injured in a deliberate hit and run accident which involved an underage driver. The Independent refers their readers to the story through a follow-through reference on the frontpage too. 48 year-old constable Simon Schembri was seriously injured in an incident close to the roundabout near Lidl supermarket in Triq Hal Qormi in Luqa. According to the police statement, Schembri tried to stop the driver to ask for his driving licence and related documentation. This prompted the driver to escape hitting the constable in the process and dragging him for several meters. MaltaToday’s headline reads <<Constable greviously injured in hit-and-run by underage driver>>, L-Oriżżont entitled its report <<Din hija l-ħdura li hawn għall-pulizija>>, quoting the President of the Police Officers Union (GWU) Sandro Camilleri. The Independent’s reference is <<Traffic policeman injured in hit and run involving underage driver>>, while In-Nazzjon’s report is called <<L-investigazzjonijiet iridu jwieġbu dwar l-aġir taż-żgħażugħ>>. The Times report is titled <<Teenager likely to face attempted murder charges >>.

The Times of Malta carries another story about Labour MP Manuel Mallia, entitled <<Labour’s richest MP put on OPM payroll>>. The report states that former Labour Cabinet minister Manuel Mallia has been put on the government’s payroll as a person of trust at the Prime Min- ister’s Office, the Times of Malta is informed. According to information obtained after a request under the Freedom of Information Act, Dr Mallia, who lost his job as home affairs minister after his driver was involved in a shooting incident, enjoys a financial pack- age worth €56,000 a year in his role as part-time legal adviser to the Prime Minister.

MaltaToday carries a story entitled <<Human Rights court tells Malta: wrong to ban Neilson’s ‘Stitching’>>. The report refers a decision by the European Court of Human Rights, which seven years after the controversial ban by a film and theatre classification board of the play ‘Stitching’ which said that the ban breached freedom of expression. The newspaper’s backpage carries a story called Police Commissioner says tax fugitive may have moved to the US>>. In this story we read about Peter Paul Muscat, who is accused of failing to pay his contribution to the NI and FSS, and could never been notified because he couldn’t be found.

L-Orizzont carries a story which states that the ship Hepahestus which had shipwrecked in Qawra earlier this year, is expected to be removed from the site where it got shipwrecked. Another story refers to the enactment of the new law for the media and a follow-up story where a Maltese-Jew and a Palestinian, give their views about the current situation in the Middle East, following the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the following violence which saw 60 Palestinians die. The funerals of the death in Palestine is also featured in the back-page of the newspaper in a report entitled <<Isiru l-funerali tal-vittmi Palestinjani li nqatlu t-Tnejn>.

The Malta Independent’s main story refers to the db project in Pembroke and the PM’s reaction when asked about the Pembroke Tunnel. In the report, entitled <<’Go look at the master plan’ – PM fails to say who will pay for Pembroke tunnel>> states that the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat failed to state whether developers or the taxpayer would be footing the bill for the construction of a planned tunnel in Pembroke, where a number of mega projects are to be carried out. The issue of the db project is also the theme of a talking point on the backpage of The Times. Entitled <<Brainless frenzy of concrete making >>, writer, academic and Pembroke Resident Adrian Grima who states that what  really strikes in the db Group megalomaniac project proposal for the ITS side, is the utter disregard for the people who have been living in the apartment blocks across the road for years. To peeop into the mind of the people who are coldly plundering our land, polluting our air, blotting our sun and denying us our fundamental right to live in peace, one has to look a t the db’s Project Design statement for their project. In a rather strong statement, Grima adds, “Sadly for db Group and its ‘brainchild’, we’re neither invisible nor silenced. And we refuse to be buried alive.”

 The Malta Independent also refers to Eurostat Statistics which state that <<Maltese people live in parent’s home longer than anyone else in the EU>>. The newspaper also carries a photo showing a cardboard cutout depicting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat as Hans Christian Andersen’s emperor with no clothes in front of Castille.

In-Nazzjon’s backpage carries a story about Air Malta stating that Air Malta employees feel like they have been fooled in view of the promised voluntary redundancy schemes and early retirement schemes which seem to be only reserved for the few.


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