Editor Perspectives – Wednesday 16th May 2018

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The Times editorial entitled << Justice in a reasonable time>> refers to  the comments by the new Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi who referred to the workload factor at his inaugural sitting last week. “Since there is so much work to be done, we cannot waste time,” he said, attribut- ing the ever-growing load of cases before the Superior Court of Appeal to various reasons. The editorial states that Justice delayed is justice denied and, just as justice must also be seen to be done, the powers that be, especially the judicial authorities, must be seen to be striving to ensure civil and judicial pro- ceedings are brought to a final deter- mination in the shortest time possible.”

In-Nazzjon’s editorial criticizes Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri following comments on social media, where he referred to Prozac, a medicinal used for people who suffer mental illness, in reply to criticism to the Government. The editorial of The Malta Independent, also refers to the comment by Schembri. Entitled <<Silvio Schembri’s nasty comment>> the editorial asks “How can we take the government seriously when it says it is tackling mental health problems and then does not lift a finger when someone like Schembri comes up with such a hateful remark.

<<Nagħtu dinjita u mhux mibgħeda>> is the headline of the editorial of Orizzont. The editorial refers to hate speech and the tone in public discourse. It adds that “we believe that neither politics, nor religion nationality should lead to people using ‘hate speech’. The Maltatoday editorial is entitled <<Malta’s political identity crisis>>. The editorial refers to the PN general council and Delia’s speech. The editor refers on how the PN is moulding its identity by saying what it’s not. It argues that the role of an Opposition party is to do more than merely dissect the country’s current problems; just as the identity of an Opposition party must be more than just “not the party in government”.

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