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There was no agreement on who will be the next Prime Minister of Italy and both M5s and Lega asked Italian President Mattarella for more time. The Head of State agreed to their request.

We are aware of international deadlines, but we ask for another day because we are writing a government program for 5 years”, Di Maio said, who shows, however, a certain optimism despite the black smoke Today: “At the bottom is only the first consultation we do after the agreement”. Salvini on the otherhand admits that there are “distant visions”. The leader of the League spoke of “different or distant visions” on justice, infrastructure, relaunches the need to re-discuss the European treaties and claims “a free hand on migrants”.

“If we are not able to do what Italians ask us, let’s not even start and say goodbye”, Salvini’s message goes back to evoking the polls: “If I would listen to the polls I would be the first to say let’s go to the vote” .

At the heart of the impasse, beyond the choice between a technical or political figure, there is however the clash over who, between M5s and Lega, will have the leading role of command of the government. This becomes more important, especially after the rehabilitation of Silvio Berlusconi, Salvini’s link with the center-right coalition. Analysts claim that perhaps it is no coincidence, that the leader of the League said “no” to a premiership of Di Maio on the day when Giorgia Meloni reiterates her opposition to a 5 Star executive.