Malta Newspapers Review – Monday 14th May 2018

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The Times’ main story <<’Mafia-linked’ gaming firm operated with no licence>> focuses on a revelatino by the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), which is part of the Daphne Project and which states that a gaming company with Mafia links continued to operate from Malta despite having its licence cancelled by the regulator. The gaming company Leaderbet continued to operate after its parent company LB GROUP had its licence cancelled in February. Another story which we find on The Times front page is entiled <<MEP aims to halve vehicle emissions>>. In the story we read about a draft European Parliament report by Maltese MEP Miriam Dalli which is calling for an ambitious 50% cut in vehicle emissions by 2030. The back page of The Times has a talking point by Frank Salt entitled <<The painting is on the wall>>. The author expresses his disapproval of ‘graffiti’ arguing that art students and artists hae many different means and mediums to express their talent. They do not have to use public walls and streets.

L-Orizzont’s front page carries three stories. The first story is entitled <<Ideat posittivi u kruċjali għas-sistema edukattiva ta’ Malta u Għawdex>>. The story refers to the onging work related to the education reform. The report states that foreign eduactors and experts who commented highly of the work being done and while stating that there’s no perfect system, everyone can work towards an ideal system. The second story refers to the speech done by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat during a political event on Sunday. Muscat referred to the amendments for the IVF procedures stating that these amendments are aimed at doubling the chances for couples to become parents. Muscat also referred to the insensitivity shown by former PN leader Simon Busuttil. The third story, <<Madwar 16 -il miljun stikek għad-dijabetiċi b’xejn kull sena>> refers to comments by Dr Chris Fearne (Health Minister), after the announcement of the third part of a project aimed the provision of diabetes sticks to those who suffer from this illness, a project which costs circa one million euros. The backpage story focuses on the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, which is a shift from former US policy to stay neutral about the Jerusalem issue, an issue of contention between Israel and Palestine.

In-Nazzjon’s front page is dedicated to the concluding session of the Nationalist Party General Council. It carries three elements. The main one refers to the speech delievered by Dr Adrian Delia and it’s main theme being <<Soċjeta’ li jimpuraha u tagħti dinjita’ lin-nies>>. During his speech Dr Delia outlined his vision for the future and the policies of the party which are aimed building a society which cares and repsects the dignity of people. In the other two stories we read the excerpts from the speeches delivered by the Party’s General Council President Kristy Debono entitled <<Id f’ id mal-Kap>> and the speech delivered by the PN secretary general Clyde Puli. The piece is entitled <<Il-PN hu l-partit tan-nies>>. The PN general council is also dealt with in the front page of The Malta Independent and the The Times of Malta. Both carry a  photo story showing PN Leader Adrian Delia addressing those present.  The title of the story on The Times is <<Anti-corruption battle cry>>.

The back page of the newspaper dedicates a tribute to actor Charles Thake who passed away on Saturday. It also carries a photo story showing Israeli singer Netta, who won this year’s edition of the Eurovision.

The Malta Independent has two other stories. One story focuses on Mount Carmel Hospital. The story entitled <<Mount Carmel Hospital wards to be reorganised, Health Minister says when asked about smoking concerns>>, refers to works which go beyond aesthetical refurbishment at Mount Carmel. The story stems from questions asked by the newspaper following complains by patients in view of the breach of law about smoking at the hospital. The other story is focused on planning. <<Two fuel station applications to be heard by Planning Authority Board this Thursday>>, reports about two applications for two fuel stations, one in Iklin and one in Zebbug, which are set to be dealt with this Thursday. Both fuel stations have been recommended for refusal by case officers.

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