Will Italy have a Government tonight?

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“You’re writing the story and obviously it takes some time, there’s a great atmosphere at the table, you’re dealing with very important issues.” This was stated by the leader M5s Di Maio , coming out of the Pirellone at the end of the summit with the secretary of the Lega Salvini .

“For the first time in history, a government negotiation is carried out focusing on the issues”, he underlined. According to Tgcom24, the premier would be “high political profile”.

After a few days and more of a hesitation, comes the title of the common program M5S-Lega, “Contract for the Government of Change” and also the first pillars on which Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini have said yes. These include flat tax, citizenship income and conflict of interest would be some of the points. However, little does filter through the details as negotiations are ongoing.

“There are no difficult points, there are issues that interest the citizens that are discussed and we are going forward Today we have talked about work, overcoming the Fornero, quota 100, wearing categories.We have set points, it is a laborious job, there it takes time. There are no points on which there is no agreement “.



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