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Never before in any of the six original EU countries, much less one of its leading powers, have parties deeply skeptical toward the EU grabbed the reins of power. If that happens, the consequences for Italy and the EU could be felt for months and years to come.

Politico Europe describes this scenario as one which poses a lot of risks on the Europe we know and how we know it. In fact it reports that the EU and Brussels establishments are in a state of heightened anxiety. Italy’s election meant the sideline of Italy’s more traditional left and right parties. The end result, as is now, catapulted this odd couple into the limelight is disrupting European politics in unexpected ways.

The analysis argues that after the initial reaction post BREXIT was one of establishing a need to implement changes within the EU, a series of initiatives were taken. However so far there were no tangible changes. The article entitled <<How Italy could blow the EU as we know it>>argues that “With the U.K. leaving, Spain mired in its own Catalan constitutional crisis, and Poland neck-deep in rule-of-law complaints from Brussels, that leaves only Italy to help get things moving again. ”

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