Two people shot dead in Calabria

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ANSA: Two people died and three were hurt in two shootings near Vibo Valentia in Calabria on Friday. The shootings at Limbadi and Nicotera were the work of the same person, a 30-year-old, police said. The first victim was named as Michele Valarioti, 63, shot to death near his home at Nicotera. The second victim was a woman, Giuseppina Mollese, 69, who died of an abdominal injury on an operating table.

They were named as Pantaleone D’Agostino, Pantaleone Timpano and Francesco di Mundo, one of whom has a serious facial injury.

Previously, at Limbadi, three people, one of them a relative of the murder victim, were injured in a bar, police said.

The shooter’s car, a Fiat Panda, was found in the countryside outside Limbadi.
He is believed to have fled across the fields, police said, launching a manhunt.

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